We know jewelry

Custom Design:we are creative

Whether for a loved one or for yourself, give the gift of a unique wearable work of art. We can make your idea come to life or work with you to design the perfect piece from scratch. Our designer Susan has devoted her life to creating beautiful jewelry. She can take your idea from a rough sketch on paper to a realistic computer rendering, and all the way through to completion.

customer service

Customer Service:more than a smile and a thank you

Come in any time and enjoy a personalized shopping experience. If you like, we can email you pictures of pieces to get a feel for your personal style and have several pieces ready for you to view based on your likes and dislikes. Jewelry is our passion and we can't wait to match the perfect piece to your occasion.


Repair:repair, restore, revitalize

The mark of a good repair person is actually no mark! We can make seamless repairs to your jewelry, resize rings, reset stones, and restring pearls. If you think you may have a loose stone, bring it in to have it evaluated before you lose it. We will restore your wearable work of art or family heirloom to its original beauty.

Jewelry is a very personal thing ... it should tell a story about the person who's wearing it.

- Garance Doré
We carry the Hagerty line of fine jewelry cleaner and silver cleaners.

Tips for caring for your jewelry at home

Keep your wearable art looking its best

Taking care of your jewelry is easy. Gold, platinum and silver can be cleaned with dish soap, water, and a toothbrush for finer details. After cleaning, dry with soft towel. Silver jewelry discolors due to oxidation (tarnish). We recommended Hagerty’s silver clean to remove oxidation.

Be careful when storing your jewelry. Diamonds and sapphires can damage other softer gems should they rub against each other. Keep in mind that quartz watches should be stored with the battery removed. Quartz watches stored more than a year may become damaged from a corroded battery.

Never use bleach, ammonia or toothpaste on your Jewelry.